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The Flex Turbine™ MT250 and MT333 are gas turbines with the ability to generate reliable, ultra-clean, continuous power from wasted or associated methane gas. The rugged design of these turbines make them particularly well-suited to the remote oilfield environment.

Features and Benefits

Rugged Design
    •    Safe, Quiet, Low Maintenance operation for unmanned sites
    •    Ability to startup 100HP+ loads Direct On Line (DOL) with synchronous generator
    •    High tolerance for Sour Gas with tolerance of 6,500 ppmv of H2S
    •    > 10 x lower emissions than typical diesel-fired engine generator
    •    Proven lubricated bearing design is widely used among mission critical and utility grade gas turbines
    •    Packaging options available for offshore, arctic, tropical, and classified environments

Economic Benefit
    •    Eliminate costly utilization of diesel fuel for remote onsite power
    •    Control your costs of electricity and heat
    •    Low maintenance – only 8 hours of planned maintenance per year

Environmental Benefit
    •    Quiet operation (77 dB @ 1m)
    •    Super low emissions
    •    Avoided usage of flares, diesel fuel for generation

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